We Take
TheĀ  BULL Out
Of Bullying!

The BULL Stops Here!

Bully-Proof Bootcamps are LIVE, highly interactive and life-changing "workouts" that will change the way you live your life and lead your team!
Bully-Proof Bootcamps are completly customizable to any length, just pick the topics you would like covered, and we will adaptĀ to your time needs.
Bully-Proof Bootcamps can accomodate any size group, from a small church socials, to a high school gymnasium, to a professional sports arena, we have you covered.
  1. Identify The Bully
    * What is bullying behavior? * How to determine if you are being bullied. * Who bullies? * Why do bullies bully? * What happens to bullies? *What do you do if YOU are the bully?
  2. Are You Prey For A Bully?
    * Why do bullies pick YOU to bully? * What vibes are you emitting to bullies? * Verbal and non-verbal cues bullies prey on! * Picking powerful body positions. * Discover the best way to resolve conflict.
  3. Build Verbal Authority
    * Learn proper verbal cues. * Learn how to say "No!" to a bully! * Learn what NOT to say to a bully! * Learn what to say to YOURSELF. * How you say it is as important as what you say.
  4. The Role Of A Coach/Leader
    * What is the role of a coach or leader? * How do you handle bullying between teammates? * How do you handle a teammate bullying you? * Tips for creating a more cohesive team!
  5. The Role of a Team
    * What is the purpose of a team? * What is the best way to achieve a goal? * What to do if you are bullied by a teammate. * What do you do if you are bullied by the coach? * What is the best way to handle your weakest member?
  6. Role of Social Media in Bullying
    * The Culture Of Cyber Bullies * How To Stop Cyber Bullies * Controversial way to stop bullies. * Public shaming, good or bad?

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